353) of people with SCI. To determine if knowledge and attitudes are influenced by socio-demographic and injury-specific factors.


Three academic medical centers in the US.


Distribution of an online survey through email lists maintained by 3 SCI centers.


Participants largely believed that cannabis use is safe, has potential therapeutic benefits, and ought to be legal. Substantial pluralities felt that cannabis use is attended by moderate to great health-related and social risks (15.5% and 25.5%, respectively), and a majority (55.9%) felt it is attended by moderate to great legal risks. Subjects’ duration of injury, employment status, and personal history of controlled or illicit substances influenced certain beliefs and attitudes.


This study is the first to assess beliefs about and attitudes toward cannabis use among a nationwide sample of people with SCI. While limited, it provides a roadmap for future research. It also offers medical providers an initial understanding of which factors may encourage or dissuade their patients with SCI from seeking medical cannabis treatment.

PMID: 30675390 PMCID: PMC6338735

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