Pneumomediastinum as a complication of cocaine abuse.

Clin Med (Lond). 2019 Jul;19(4):321-324

Authors: Macrae C, Brown C, Aiken C, Jamdar R

A 26-year-old male presented with a 24-hour history of pleuritic chest pain following intranasal cocaine insufflation. He was a smoker, cannabis and alcohol user. Cardiovascular and respiratory examinations were unremarkable.His admission blood tests were within normal limits. The admission electrocardiogram (ECG) showed sinus rhythm, with ST-segment elevation in an inferolateral distribution. This appeared to be an early repolarisation abnormality, with no evolving changes.His chest radiogram showed a double outline at the left heart border with subcutaneous gas collection over the left supraclavicular fossa but no evidence of pneumothorax. A computed tomography (CT) showed prominent mediastinum with gas tracking into the neck but no connection to the oesophagus or pneumothorax.He was managed conservatively and a repeat chest radiogram after 48 hours showed improvement.

PMID: 31308113 [PubMed – in process]

Source: ncbi 2

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