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The Risky Health Behaviours of Male Adolescents in the Southern Italian Region: Implications for Sexual and Reproductive Disease.

J Clin Med. 2019 Sep 08;8(9):

Authors: Perri A, Lofaro D, Izzo G, Aquino B, Bitonti M, Ciambrone G, La Vignera S, Pozza C, Gianfrilli D, Aversa A

Recent epidemiological studies suggest an increase of sexual and reproductive chronic diseases caused by problematic behaviours acquired during peri-pubertal age. The aims of our study were: (i) to investigate awareness of sexual transmitted infections (STIs) among adolescents; (ii) to describe the close relationship between possibly incorrect lifestyles during adolescence and reproductive and sexual disturbances during adulthood. The « Amico-Andrologo » survey is a permanent nationwide surveillance program supported by the Italian Ministry of Health. We administered a validated structured interview to investigate the lifestyle of adolescents and their knowledge of STIs. We selected a cohort of 360 male high-school students aged ≥18 years old. In this cohort, 150 (41.5%) were smokers while 59 (19.7%) smoked more than 10 cigarettes/day; 25 (9.3%) declared a consumption ≥6 drinks/weekend; and 65 (19.7%) were habitual cannabis consumers (at least twice/week). Among the sample of students selected, the main sources of sexual disease information were the internet and friends. The perceived level of knowledge on STIs was the same between students that used contraceptive methods and students that did not. The present results demonstrate that adolescents in Calabria do not receive appropriate information about risky health behaviours. Therefore, there is a necessity for specific educational programs to increase awareness of dangerous behaviours during the transitional age that is relevant for a safe sexual and reproductive adult life.

PMID: 31500383 [PubMed]

Source: ncbi 2

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