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[Cannabis use in subjects at ultra high risk for psychosis].

Presse Med. 2019 Nov 12;:

Authors: Fekih-Romdhane F, Hakiri A, Fadhel SB, Cheour M

Cannabis use is widespread among people at ultra-high risk (UHR) for psychosis. The causal link as well as the temporal link between cannabis use and further occurrence of psychosis in UHR people remain inconclusive. Current science data supported an increased risk of transition to psychosis in cannabis users who are genetically predisposed to psychosis. This risk would be even greater in the presence of a family history of psychosis, in case of a strong use and an early onset use. Several models have been cited to explain the link between cannabis use and the subsequent onset of psychosis or prepsychotic states: cannabis-induced modifications of some brain structures, a dysregulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis and an alteration of normal neurological development via the endocannabinoid system. Cannabis represents a modifiable risk for psychosis. Current interventions aim to reduce or stop the cannabis use in order to reduce the risk of transition to psychosis.

PMID: 31732360 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi 2

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