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Understanding motivations for large US cannabis firms’ participation in the cannabis space: Qualitative study exploring views of key decision-makers.

Drug Alcohol Rev. 2020 Feb 13;:

Authors: Kumar N, Puljević C, Heimer R

INTRODUCTION AND AIMS: Large for-profit firms supply the majority of US state-legal cannabis stores and some firms have attempted to shape cannabis-related policies. Understanding firms’ motivations for participation in the cannabis space is critical, given firms’ possible links to cannabis usage patterns. Key decision-makers (KDM) in the cannabis space may have information unavailable to lower ranking staff, and may influence firm decision-making and consequently US cannabis usage practises. We present the findings of a qualitative study investigating the views of KDMs in the cannabis market, on large cannabis firms’ motivations for participation in the space.
DESIGN AND METHODS: Data were collected through 37 semi-structured interviews with a convenience sample of KDMs in the US cannabis space, representing both for-profit and non-profit organisations. Thematic analysis, with an inductive approach, was used to analyse the data.
RESULTS: KDMs reported three non-exclusive motivations for large cannabis firms’ participation in the space; to seek profit, to mitigate social inequity and to provide cannabis as medicine. Within the theme relating to profit, findings suggest that for-profit and non-profit organisations in the space may be cognisant of the other’s goals, representing a symbiotic relationship.
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS: We suggest that firms may have reasons to enter the space not necessarily centred on increasing use. Although non-profits and for-profits have different agendas, the bottom line for both groups is to expand access. Policy-makers should be aware of that fact, and set policies which consider the two groups as a unified whole.

PMID: 32056335 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi 2

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