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Preconception Marijuana Use in Rhode Island: Rates, Demographics, and Psychosocial Correlates.

R I Med J (2013). 2020 May 01;103(4):37-41

Authors: Bromwich KA, Sokol NA, McCallum M, Nguyen C, Werner EF, Matteson KA, Vergara-Lopez C, Stroud LR

INTRODUCTION: Rates of marijuana use in Rhode Island (RI) exceed the national average; prevalence during preconception and characteristics of users remain unknown.
METHODS: Prevalence of marijuana use in the 3 months preconception was assessed by a RI-based telephone survey of a diverse, low-income sample of pregnant women (n=1683). Sociodemographic characteristics, substance use, and mental health were compared between preconception marijuana users, tobacco users and non-users.
RESULTS: 25.1% of respondents reported using marijuana during preconception. Marijuana users were younger, poorer, and less educated than non-users (ps<0.001) and more likely to report alcohol use and mental illness (ps<0.001). Marijuana users were younger with fewer children than tobacco-only users (ps<0.001).
CONCLUSIONS: Rates of preconception marijuana use in RI exceed national rates of prenatal use. Preconception marijuana users have a distinct sociodemographic profile, with higher rates of concurrent mental health conditions and alcohol use. Understanding this characterization enables targeted screening and interventions.

PMID: 32357592 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi 2

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