Drug offenses in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area: Trends for 2016-2018.

Leg Med (Tokyo). 2020 Jun 25;47:101739

Authors: Inoue K, Hashioka S, Takeshita H, Fujita Y, Moriwaki S, Murayama Y, Fujita Y, Matsumoto H, Takeichi N, Hoshi M, Noso Y, Okazaki Y

In Japan over the past few years, approximately 13,000 individuals were arrested for drug offenses each year. It is useful to know the trends in drug offenses, in order to devise the most effective countermeasures and addiction treatment programs. Herein, we have revealed the trends in drug offenses in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. This report was researched the number of individuals arrested for drug offenses in Tokyo during the 3-year study period 2016-2018. The drugs are classified into the six categories: stimulants, narcotics, psychoactive drugs, opium, cannabis, and designated substances. We also calculated the percentages of individuals arrested for various drug offenses based on these six categories. Approximately 86% of the arrests for drug offenses in Tokyo during the 3-year period were for stimulants or cannabis. A higher percentage of individuals were arrested for stimulants, but the percentage of individuals arrested for cannabis increased each year. Given the percentage of individuals arrested for designated substances or narcotics, preventive measures for drug offenses involving stimulants and cannabis should be promptly implemented. Further campaigns to prevent drug offenses and public lectures are also needed. Public education must be provided to prevent drug offenses involving designated substances and narcotics.

PMID: 32645558 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi 2

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