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Maleic hydrazide elicits global transcriptomic changes in chemically topped tobacco to influence shoot bud development.

Planta. 2020 Sep 24;252(4):64

Authors: Singh SK, Richmond MD, Pearce RC, Bailey WA, Hou X, Pattanaik S, Yuan L

MAIN CONCLUSION: Transcriptomic analysis revealed maleic hydrazide suppresses apical and axillary bud development by altering the expression of genes related to meristem development, cell division, DNA replication, DNA damage and recombination, and phytohormone signaling. Topping (removal of apical buds) is a common agricultural practice for some crop plants including cotton, cannabis, and tobacco. Maleic hydrazide (MH) is a systemic suckercide, a chemical that inhibits shoot bud growth, used to control the growth of apical (ApB) and axillary buds (AxB) following topping. However, the influence of MH on gene expression and the underlying molecular mechanism of controlling meristem development are not well studied. Our RNA sequencing analysis showed that MH significantly influences the transcriptomic landscape in ApB and AxB of chemically topped tobacco. Gene ontology (GO) enrichment analysis revealed that upregulated genes in ApB were enriched for phosphorelay signal transduction, and the regulation of transition timing from vegetative to reproductive phase, whereas downregulated genes were largely associated with meristem maintenance, cytokinin metabolism, cell wall synthesis, photosynthesis, and DNA metabolism. In MH-treated AxB, GO terms related to defense response and oxylipin metabolism were overrepresented in upregulated genes. GO terms associated with cell cycle, DNA metabolism, and cytokinin metabolism were enriched in downregulated genes. Expression of KNOX and MADS transcription factor (TF) family genes, known to be involved in meristem development, were affected in ApB and AxB by MH treatment. The promoters of MH-responsive genes are enriched for several known cis-acting elements, suggesting the involvement of a subset of TF families. Our findings suggest that MH affects shoot bud development in chemically topped tobacco by altering the expression of genes related to meristem development, DNA repair and recombination, cell division, and phytohormone signaling.

PMID: 32968874 [PubMed – in process]

Source: ncbi 2

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