Gene. 2022 Feb 14:146290. doi: 10.1016/j.gene.2022.146290. Online ahead of print.


WRKY transcription factor is one of the largest transcription factor families in higher plants. However, the investigations of the WRKY gene family have not yet been reported in seed hemp. In the present study, we identified 39 CasWRKYs at the genome-wide level and analyzed phylogenetic relationship, chromosome location, cis-acting elements, gene structure, conserved motif, and expression pattern. Based on the gene structure and phylogenetic analyses, CasWRKY proteins were divided into 3 groups and 7 subgroups. The gene duplication investigation revealed that 6 and 5 pairs of CasWRKY genes underwent tandem and segmental duplication events, respectively. These events may contribute to the diversity and expansion of the CasWRKY gene family. The regulatory elements in the promoter regions of CasWRKYs contained diverse cis-regulatory elements, among which P-box cis-regulatory elements showed high frequency, indicating that CasWRKYs can respond to the regulation of gibberellin. The expression profiles derived from RNA-seq and qRT-PCR showed that 13 CasWRKY genes could respond to GA3 stress and affect fiber development, as well as play significant roles in stem growth and development. This study will serve as molecular basis and practical reference for further exploring the genetic evolution and biological function of CasWRKY genes in seed hemp.

PMID:35176429 | DOI:10.1016/j.gene.2022.146290

Source: ncbi 2

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