Rev Esp Salud Publica. 2022 Mar 7;96:e202203026.


OBJECTIVE: Alcohol: Conciencia con ciencia is an educational-community universal prevention project for 12-year-old students (1st of ESO) which consists of three sessions and it is being implemented every school year since 2012. The objective was to evaluate its effect on alcohol consumption, attitudes and knowledge in the subsequent courses (2nd and 3rd of ESO), in order to know its durability.

METHODS: It is a cross-sectional observational study in different phases (applied in October and April), quasi-experimental with a comparison group. In the 2017/2018 academic year, all 2nd (n=2,892) and 3rd of ESO (n=2,601) students completed a questionnaire based on knowledge, opinions and consumption patterns in selected educational centers (18 centers in 13 municipalities). Statistical analysis: chi-square tests of contingency and difference of differences.

RESULTS: The number of students who started drinking is less in the intervention group during the subsequent school year, with differences between groups (31.5% vs. 36.6% in October, and 35.9% vs. 43.4% in April) (October p=0.037, April p=0.006) and difference in negative differences in favour of the intervention (-2.6%), more pronounced in girls (-8.1%). Although the study includes alcohol, the greatest perception of risk extends to tobacco and cannabis. The effect on knowledge maintained the following year, being the differences statistically significant. The group pressure recognized by those who suffer it was significantly higher during 2nd of ESO in the comparison group (October p=0.002, April p=0.015), being its durability longer in girls.

CONCLUSIONS: The intervention stops the beginning of consumption, drunkenness and every-week consumption the hole next school year (2nd ESO) after intervention, but in 3rd of ESO the effect of the intervention disappears, being therefore necessary to reinforce it with the implementation of the project Drogas: ALTACAN in 2nd of ESO.


Source: ncbi 2

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