J Drug Issues. 2022 Apr;52(2):207-224. doi: 10.1177/00220426211052673.


Few qualitative studies have examined the impact of COVID-19 on cannabis and alcohol use, and overall well-being among cannabis users. Cannabis users (aged 26-32) were surveyed quantitatively (n=158) and interviewed qualitatively (n=29) in April 2020-May 2021 in Los Angeles. 63.3% of the quantitative sample reported increasing use of either cannabis (29.1%) or alcohol (15.2%) or both (19.0%) following the COVID-19 outbreak. Qualitative data revealed that increases in cannabis and alcohol use were largely attributed to changes in employment and staying at home resulting in fewer impediments and boredom. Themes of loneliness and utilization of various coping strategies were more pronounced among those who increased cannabis and/or alcohol use. For some, increases in cannabis/alcohol use were temporary until participants adjusted to « a new normal » or embraced more adaptive coping strategies. Results suggest monitoring cannabis/alcohol use trends and identifying coping strategies to reduce the pandemic’s impact on substance use and mental health.

PMID:35382397 | PMC:PMC8919106 | DOI:10.1177/00220426211052673

Source: ncbi 2

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