J Child Health Care. 2022 May 9:13674935221099158. doi: 10.1177/13674935221099158. Online ahead of print.


Little is understood about the unintended consequences of cannabis liberalization on children. Subsequently, this scoping review aimed to map and identify evidence related to acute cannabis intoxication in children. We searched three medical literature databases from inception until October 2019. We identified 4644 information sources and included 158 which were mapped by topic area relating to 1) public health implications and considerations; 2) clinical management; and 3) experiences and information needs of HCPs and families. Public health implications were addressed by 129 (82%) and often reported an increased incidence of acute pediatric cannabis intoxications. Clinical information was reported in 116 (73%) and included information on signs and symptoms (n = 106, 92%), clinical management processes (n = 60, 52%), and treatment recommendations (n = 42, 36%). Few sources addressed the experiences or information needs of either HCPs (n = 5, <1%) treating children for acute cannabis intoxication or families (n = 1, <1%) seeking care. Increasing incidence of acute cannabis intoxications concurrent with liberalization of cannabis legislation is clear, however, evidence around clinical management is limited. Additionally, further research exploring HCPs and families experiences and information needs around cannabis intoxication is warranted.

PMID:35532228 | DOI:10.1177/13674935221099158

Source: ncbi 2

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