of Psychology, Curtin University, Kent St, Bentley, Perth, WA, 6102, Australia.3Graduate School of Education, The University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley, Perth, WA, 6009, Australia.Abstract

Poly drug use in adolescents represents a significant public health issue, heightening risk for abuse, dependency, and a variety of short- and long-term psychological, psychosocial, and health consequences. However, past studies have typically examined just one or two substances in isolation and there is a lack of research that has comprehensively examined possible predictors of poly drug use in adolescents. To inform the development of comprehensive prevention programs that can simultaneously target multiple substances, the present study sought to identify psychological, environmental, and demographic factors that are most strongly associated with alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis poly drug use. Adolescents aged 15 to 17 years (n 

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