1 month). Segmental hair analysis is used to verify both previous drug history and recent enforced abstinence. However, after drug discontinuation, the fresh new hair growth segment cannot be immediately negative, due to the contribution of dormant hair. The objective of the study was to test hair samples from chronic tramadol and cannabis users after the discontinuation of both drugs and to evaluate the delay to wait until the hair will become negative. Hair specimens were obtained from eight subjects with a known history of tramadol abuse. Hair was collected 3-6 months after tramadol discontinuation. Tramadol was tested by liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS-MS) with a LOQ at 5 pg/mg. A second set of hair specimens were obtained from 15 subjects with a known history of cannabis abuse. Hair was collected 6-9 months after cannabis discontinuation. THC-COOH was tested by LC-MS-MS with a LOQ at 0.2 pg/mg. The hair stands were cut into L

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