Good pain management in children, especially those at end of life, is a crucial component of palliative medicine. The current review assesses some of the new and/or innovative ways to manage pain in children. The article focuses on some recent medications/pharmaceutical options such as cannabinoids and also innovative ways to administer medication to children, such as intranasal and inhalation.


Current approaches to pain management now include (1) new uses of old drugs such as ketamine and lidocaine, (2) use of new drugs/medications such as cannabinoids, and (3) creative use of old technology such as atomizers, intranasal drops, and inhalation. Typically, novel approaches to care rarely start in pediatrics or palliative care. The current review has presented some new and old drugs being utilized in new and old ways.


5THC; Atomizer; CBD; Cannabis; Children; Clonidine; Dexmedetomidine; Gabapentin; Inhaled; Intranasal; Ketamine; Lidocaine; Magnesium; Pain; Palliative care

PMID: 30714078 DOI: 10.1007/s11912-019-0766-6 SharePublication typePublication typeReview Supplemental Content —

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