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[The effects of cannabis and cannabinoids on anesthesia and analgesia during the perioperative period].

Schmerz. 2020 Mar 03;:

Authors: Kraft B, Stromer W

Cannabis is the most frequently used recreational drug worldwide. Moreover, the use of cannabinoids for medical purposes is also constantly growing and medical cannabis products are legalised by an increasing number of countries. First clinical reports have shown enhanced requirements for propofol and analgesics used for general anesthesia and perioperative pain management in cannabis users. Therefore, this article discusses the potential impact of medical or recreational cannabis use on patients with regard to the recent literature. Besides the significantly increased requirement for propofol and fentanyl during anesthesia and for postoperative analgesia, a higher risk for tachycardia, pulmonary and cardiovascular complications was observed. With respect to these data, the authors recommend asking patients pre-operatively about recreational or medical cannabis use or cannabinoid-based medication.

PMID: 32125500 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi 2

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