Cannabinoids use in adolescents and young adults with cancer: a single-center survey.

Tumori. 2020 Mar 17;:300891620912022

Authors: Podda M, Pagani Bagliacca E, Sironi G, Veneroni L, Silva M, Angi M, Massimino M, Ferrari A, Clerici CA

OBJECTIVE: To present an investigation into the intake of cannabinoids in a population of adolescents and young adults with cancer.
METHODS: Sixty-six patients took part in the research: 27 reported having used cannabinoids, 21 before diagnosis; among the latter, 10 increased use during treatment.
RESULTS: Benefits were reported by 19% of responders regarding anxiety control, 24% for nausea, 29% for pain control and improvement of sleep, and 48% for appetite improvement.
CONCLUSIONS: Cannabis use by patients may often be unknown to caregivers. Studying this subject may help to better define important therapeutic aspects of these substances.

PMID: 32178596 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi 2

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