E-cigarette or Vaping- product associated lung injury: A review.

Am J Med. 2020 Mar 13;:

Authors: Cherian SV, Kumar A, Estrada-Y-Martin RM

Since its introduction in the US market in 2007, the use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDs), colloquially referred to as E -cigarettes or  » Vaping » products has increased dramatically particularly among high school children and young men. With the legalization of marijuana within multiple states in the US and thus coincident change in the public perception of its risk, the availability of multiple tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the psychoactive agent in marijuana) and cannabidiol (CBD, a non psychogenic agent in marijuana) containing vaping products has also increased tremendously. Since March 2019, an ongoing epidemic of acute lung injury secondary to the use of e-cigarettes with over 2600 cases and 60 deaths have been reported all over the US- which has been termed as E-cigarette or Vaping-product associated lung injury (EVALI). E-cigarette or Vaping-product associated lung injury is defined by the 1) Presence of pulmonary infiltrates in imaging 2) Use of electronic nicotine delivery systems within the previous 90 days and 3) absence of other possible causes such as infection, cardiac, neoplastic or rheumatologic causes. A significant proportion of patients hospitalized with e-cigarette or vaping-product associated lung injury have required admission in the intensive care unit, with mechanical ventilation needed in up to 1/3rd of patients. Corticosteroids, supportive care and further avoidance of vaping products remain the cornerstone of treatment. Although generally associated with an excellent prognosis, older patients and patients with underlying cardiac and pulmonary conditions are at risk for higher mortality and morbidity. This review article aims to describe e-cigarette or vaping-product associated lung injury, its pathogenesis, clinical, radiological manifestations and management.

PMID: 32179055 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi

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