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The improvement on the skin surface by a new type of dermocosmetic loaded plant extract: A split face skin topographic study.

Pak J Pharm Sci. 2020 Mar;33(2):531-535

Authors: Ali A, Akhtar N, Khan H, Bin Asad MHH, Ahmad Z

Various extrinsic and intrinsic origins slant skins and pledge evident vicissitudes of the skin surface. We explored the effects of dermocosmetic loaded medical Cannabis seed extract and evaluate the improvement on the skin surface in Asian and male volunteers in a split face topographic study. Dermocosmetic and base (without extract) fabricated were directed to apply by volunteers (Asian male) on their right and left cheek, respectively, in the split face skin topographic study up to three months. Efficacy of dermocosmetic versus base was assessed by non- invasive diagnostic technique focusing on skin texture parameters (energy, contrast and variance) and surface evaluation of the living skin (SELS), SEr (skin roughness), SEsc (skin scaliness), SEsm (skin smoothness), SEw (skin wrinkles). Unlike base, dermocosmetic showed significant effects on skin texture parameters (energy, variance and contrast) and SELS (SEr, SEsc, SEsm and SEw) parameters in Asian male volunteers when ANOVA applied. The level of significance was 5%. Dermocosmetic ultimately improved on skin surface and advocacies for anti-aging effects on skin appearance.

PMID: 32276894 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi 2

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