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Shared Decision-Making for Patients Using Cannabis for Pain Symptom Management in the United States.

Pain Manag Nurs. 2020 Oct 30;:

Authors: Wilson M, Klein T, Bindler RJ, Kaplan L

OBJECTIVES: Gaps in research evidence and inconsistent policies regarding use of cannabis for pain and associated symptoms result in confusion for healthcare providers and patients. The objective of this review was to synthesize information on cannabis use for pain with legal and policy implications to create a shared decision-making model that can be used to guide patient care interactions.
APPROACH: Current cannabis policies, state laws, research, and patient care practices related to medical and recreational cannabis in the United States were reviewed, along with best practices in shared decision-making. Reviewed literature was then synthesized to create a model that can be used by registered nurses and others to address cannabis use, where legal, for pain and related symptoms.
RESULT AND CONCLUSIONS: Cannabis is a legal option for many patients with pain. To minimize harms and optimize benefits, nurses can play a key role when authorized by law in assisting with decision-making surrounding cannabis use.

PMID: 33139204 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi 2

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