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Implications of the 2018 Canadian Cannabis Act: Should regulation differ for medicinal and non-medicinal cannabis use?⋆.

Health Policy. 2020 Nov 11;:

Authors: Cox C

The regulatory framework for access to medical cannabis has been established in Canada since 2001, with the number of patients seeking access growing substantially over the years. With the novel enactment of the Cannabis Act in October 2018, Canada now maintains two distinct mechanisms for accessing cannabis – one for medical cannabis and the other for non-medical cannabis. With two regulatory access mechanisms in place, questions have arisen in the country as to the necessity of maintaining regulatory separation and the integrity of the medical access framework. A single framework would remove the gate-keeping function that the medical profession currently holds, streamlining processes and simplifying the current regulatory landscape. This approach has been advocated for by the Canadian Medical Association, despite objections from multiple stakeholders. Critical questions arise should the medical access framework be dissolved into a single, non medical-based regulatory framework. Insurance coverage, control mechanisms, market incentives, and patient obligations represent some examples of these issues. This paper will expand upon these considerations and highlight why maintaining two separate access mechanismss best serves the Canadian public. As medicinal cannabis continues to be liberated in international jurisdictions, this paper can help to illuminate the current status of medical cannabis in Canada, and provide insights to those from other countries on our current approach and domestic challenges.

PMID: 33208249 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi 2

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