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Suitability of infrared spectroscopy for drug checking in harm reduction centres.

Int J Drug Policy. 2020 Nov 15;88:103037

Authors: Goncalves R, Titier K, Latour V, Peyré A, Castaing N, Daveluy A, Molimard M

Drug checking is a service for people who use drugs that includes product analysis and an individual interview including results feedback and harm reduction counselling. It uses different analytical methods but few studies demonstrate their value in current practice. The main objective of this work is to compare the analytical performance of IR spectroscopy to laboratory reference method in the context of drug checking in a harm reduction centre. The secondary objectives are to carry out a description of the people who use drugs requesting a product analysis, and to compare the assumed compositions of products purchased with their real compositions. During 2018, all requests for drug testing analysis were included for on-site analysis by IR spectrometry in a harm reduction center and verified by the reference method (UPLC-HRMS) at Bordeaux University Hospital Center. Socioeconomic and product data were also collected. One hundred and thirty-six samples were collected. The results obtained with IR and UPLC-HRMS were compared. IR spectrometry results did not match with reference method in 8 % (n=11) of cases, corresponding to blotters, cannabis and some psychoactive substances present in mixture or in small quantities. Among the products collected, only 5.1 % (n=7) did not correspond to the declared product, either alone or with adulterants. The IR spectrometer allows a simple and rapid detection of at least one molecule, most often the one of interest. However, it is limited to powder and tablet type matrices and is not suitable for blotters, cannabis, mixed or low content substances for which high resolution mass spectrometry remains the reference method.

PMID: 33207305 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi 2

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