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Prevalence and correlates of single and multiple unintentional non-fatal injuries among school-going adolescents in Liberia.

Injury. 2020 Nov 17;:

Authors: Pengpid S, Hinneh JT, Peltzer K

OBJECTIVE: This investigation aims to report on single and multiple unintentional nonfatal injuries among in-school adolescents in Liberia.
METHODS: Nationally representative cross-sectional data were statistically analysed from 2,744 adolescents (median age=18 years) that participated in the 2017 Liberia Global School-Based Student Health Survey (GSHS).
RESULTS: The prevalence of single or multiple serious injuries (past 12 months) was 71.6% (31.8% once and 39.7% two or more times). Struck or hit by an object (10.6%), fall (9.0%), and motor vehicle crashes (8.6%) were the most frequent causes of injury, and cuts or open wounds (13.6%), fractures or dislocation (8.2%), and concussion (5.0%) were the most prevalent types of injury. In adjusted multinomial logistic regression analysis, experience of hunger (or food insecurity), passive smoking, frequent school truancy, psychological distress, and current cannabis use were associated with multiple and/or single injury. In addition, in unadjusted analysis, current tobacco use, ever drunk, ever amphetamine use, physically inactive and sedentary and walking and biking to school were associated with single and/or multiple injuries. In a separate multinomial logistic regression model, victims of physically assault, involvement in physical fighting, and bullying victimization were associated with both single and multiple injuries.
CONCLUSION: A high prevalence of unintentional single and multiple injuries was discovered and several factors were found that can be utilized in targeting programmes aimed at injury prevention among adolescents.

PMID: 33250183 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi 2

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