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Health and Safety in the Legal Cannabis Industry Before and During COVID-19.

New Solut. 2020 Nov 30;:1048291120976134

Authors: Otañez M, Grewal J

In 2020, medical cannabis is legal in thirty-six states and adult use (« recreational ») cannabis is legal in fifteen, despite cannabis remaining illegal at the federal level. Up to 250,000 individuals work as full-time employees in cannabis. During the COVID-19 pandemic, California, Colorado, and other states deemed medical cannabis business as essential, raising occupational challenges and safety issues for cannabis employees. In 2020, interviews were conducted with Ethan, an extraction lab assistant in Las Vegas; Haylee, a trainer with a cannabis company in Sacramento; and Belinda, a Wisconsin-based occupational health and safety trainer, to showcase concerns and experiences in cannabis workplaces and training programs. Findings from interviews reveal pro-worker activities to promote workplace safety and labor unionism while large multistate operators seek to optimize profits and obstruct workers’ rights. Knowledge gained through the interviews contributes to discussions to lessen the potential exposure of the cannabis workforce to COVID 19.

PMID: 33256503 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi 2

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