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Clinical Conditions and Prescription Drug Utilization among Early Medical Marijuana Registrants in Florida.

J Psychoactive Drugs. 2021 Jan 04;:1-10

Authors: Costales B, van Boemmel-Wegmann S, Winterstein A, Segal R

Initial legalization of medical marijuana (MM) in Florida required providers to submit initial and follow-up treatment plan forms to the University of Florida to support research on MM safety and efficacy. This study retrospectively analyzed all treatment plan forms submitted between program inception (August 2016) through July 2017 and describes early Florida MM registrants by clinical conditions and prescription drug utilization. Among 7,548 unique treatment plans, the initial visit was characterized by registrants who were mostly white (83.7%), 52.3 (SD 16.4) years of age on average, and who were assessed by the provider as at least moderately ill (79.6%). Musculoskeletal and spasticity-related conditions (44.8%), chronic pain (41.9%), and mental health disorders (17.0%) were the most frequent medical complaints for seeking MM treatment with more than one condition per patient possible. One in four (25.9%) patients reported use of prescription opioids and over one-fifth of patients frequently utilized at least one psychotropic medication as well as cardiovascular agents. There were 2,075 unique follow-up plans available which were mostly characterized by clinical improvement and reported reductions in utilization of some drug classes. Further research is needed to guide clinicians on the risks and benefits of MM used concomitantly with prescription drugs.

PMID: 33393877 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi 2

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