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[Tobacco and cannabis consumption : toxicity and management of quitting].

Rev Med Liege. 2021 Jan;76(1):31-35

Authors: Perriot J, Peiffer G, Underner M

The use of cannabis is most often associated with that of tobacco. While the addictive power of cannabis is low, that of tobacco is high. The regular use of both tobacco and cannabis is at the origin of the increase in dependence on each substance, which makes stopping this double consumption often difficult. This combined use can cause somatic and mental complications. Practitioners should identify this dual use, advise stopping and offer their help after a careful evaluation of both consumptions and their causes. The management includes psychotherapeutic support; If the efficacy of medications to aid stopping cannabis has not been proven to aid in stopping cannabis, nicotine replacement therapy can limit withdrawal syndrome, craving and improve patients’ adherence to monitoring.The mobilization of practitioners in the management of patients and the development of effective cannabis cessation pharmacotherapies are essential.

PMID: 33443326 [PubMed – in process]

Source: ncbi 2

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