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[Legalization of cannabis: A Swedish perspective].

Lakartidningen. 2021 Jan 15;118:

Authors: Bejerot S, Glans M

While no European country has legalized recreational use of cannabis, several countries, but not Sweden, have decriminalized it. Although we hitherto have a relatively low prevalence of users compared to other countries, Swedish policy is criticized. Strong voices advocate legalization. It is hypothesized that a legalization would minimize adolescent access, ensure quality control, make consumption safer and raise tax revenue. Furthermore, it is assumed to diminish the illicit drug market and drug related crimes. However, the legalization in the US and Canada has instead made cannabis more available to users by innovative marketing and product development, while the illegal market persists. Meanwhile the price of cannabis decreases and potency, which are related to many of the risks, increases. Cannabis-related harms include e.g. cognitive impairment, psychosis and psychosocial problems. The long-term effects from legalization is yet to be seen.

PMID: 33449354 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi 2

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