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The Effects of Cannabidiol Oil on Noninvasive Measures of Muscle Damage in Men.

Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2021 Jan 21;:

Authors: Cochrane-Snyman KC, Cruz C, Morales J, Coles M

No previous study has investigated the applications of isolated cannabidiol (CBD) as a recovery aid in untrained human subjects after a bout of exercise-induced muscle damage.
PURPOSE: to investigate the effect of cannabidiol (CBD) oil on perceived muscle soreness, inflammation, and strength performance after eccentric exercise (ECC) of the elbow flexors.
METHODS: Thirteen untrained men (mean ±SD age: 21.85±2.73a) performed 6 sets of 10 maximal ECC isokinetic muscle actions of the elbow flexors as part of a double-blind cross-over design. Non-invasive (perceived soreness, arm circumference, hanging joint angle (JA), and peak torque (PT)) measures were taken PRE-, POST-, 24-h, 48-h, and 72-h post ECC. All subjects completed both the supplement (CBD:150 mg POST, 24-h,48-h) and placebo (PLC: POST, 24-h,48-h) condition separated by 2 weeks. Four separate two-way repeated measures ANOVAs (condition [CBD vs. PLC] x time [PREvs.POSTvs.24hvs.48hvs.72h]) were used to analyze perceived soreness, arm circumference, JA, and PT. One-way repeated measures ANOVAs were used to decompose significant interactions and main effects.
RESULTS: There was no condition x time interaction or main effect of condition (p>0.05) for perceived soreness, arm circumference, JA, or PT. There were main effects for time for perceived soreness (p=0.000,ηp2=0.71) and JA (p=0.006, ηp2=0.35).
CONCLUSION: The current dose of 150 mg CBD oil at POST, 24-h, and 48-h had no effect on non-invasive markers of muscle-damage in the upper extremity. At the current dose and schedule, CBD oil may not be beneficial for untrained men as a recovery aid after exercise-induced muscle damage.

PMID: 33481484 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Source: ncbi

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