Addict Health. 2021 Oct;13(4):232-241. doi: 10.22122/ahj.v13i4.1263.


BACKGROUND: Substance abuse is a public health concern given its high prevalence worldwide. The early onset of such abuse predicts greater severity of addiction, morbidity, and use of multiple drugs. The use of psychoactive substances among Brazilian university students is frequent and cannabis stands out as the most consumed illicit drug. This study aimed to assess the prevalence of cannabis use among medical students from public universities in the state of São Paulo, correlating it with socioeconomic data, perceptions, and conceptions about use, triggering factors and possible implications in academic performance.

METHODS: The data were collected using an anonymous online survey, which was sent to students attending public medical universities in the state of São Paulo in the year 2020.

FINDINGS: The survey was answered by 225 participants. Among all participants, 147 (65.3%) reported at least one episode of cannabis use during their study in university. 91 (61.9%) reported the first use before entering university, while 56 (38.1%) used it for the first time during the university years. The frequent group included 41 (27.9%) people and the sporadic group included 106 (72.1%) people.

CONCLUSION: The present study indicated that the medical students in public universities in the state of São Paulo have higher cannabis use rates compared to the general Brazilian population and to other medical students worldwide. The users are aware of the possible damages caused by cannabis use, but this does not stop them from smoking.

PMID:35178195 | PMC:PMC8818308 | DOI:10.22122/ahj.v13i4.1263

Source: ncbi 2

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