Am J Dent. 2022 Feb;35(1):12-14.


PURPOSE: To evaluate the influence of cannabidiol (CBD) oil on the color stability of resin composites.

METHODS: Three different resin composites were chosen to prepare 90 disk-shaped specimens. The specimens were randomly selected to compose two test groups (classic CBD or chocolate CBD) and one control group (distilled water) for a 14-day test. Two-way ANOVA was used to evaluate the influence of the CBD oil on the color stability of the three resin composites. Tukey post-hoc test (HSD) was used to determine the statistical difference among the groups.

RESULTS: ANOVA indicated statistically significant differences among the storage solutions, resin composite, and their correlations (P< 0.001). HSD indicated significant differences among resin composites after staining. No difference was noticed between the color change of the specimens immersed in classic CBD or chocolate CBD. Color differences of the resin composites were related to the hydrophilic/hydrophobic nature of the resin matrix.

CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE: CBD oil affected the color stability of all the examined resin composite specimens. Considering the obtained results, appropriate guidance should be provided to patients to prevent potential color alteration owing to the usage of CBD oil.


Source: ncbi

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