Persisting on the past: Cross-sectional and prospective associations between sunk cost propensity and cannabis use.

46) evaluated the association between sunk cost bias propensity (using hypothetical costs and rewards) and frequency of cannabis use over the past 30 days. Greater sunk cost propensity was associated with more frequent cannabis use after controlling for demographics and alcohol use. In Experiment 2 (n View the Original article Read more…

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Gender differences in associations between pain-related anxiety and alcohol use among adults with chronic pain.

 29.54, 67% Female) self-reported pain-related anxiety, gender, and alcohol use (i.e., consumption frequency/quantity, alcohol-related consequences, and dependence symptoms measured with the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test; AUDIT). Hierarchical regression and conditional effects models were used to test associations between pain-related anxiety, gender, and alcohol use. RESULTS: Pain-related anxiety was positively Read more…

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Exploring associations between early substance use and longitudinal socio-occupational functioning in young people engaged in a mental health service.

Crouse JJ1, Chitty KM2, Iorfino F1, White D1, Nichles A1, Zmicerevska N1, Guastella AJ1, Moustafa AA3,4,5, Hermens DF1,6, Scott EM1,7, Hickie IB1.Author information1Youth Mental Health Team, Brain and Mind Centre, The University of Sydney, Camperdown, NSW, Australia.2Translational Australian Clinical Toxicology (TACT) Research Group, Discipline of Pharmacology, The University of Sydney, Read more…

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