Smoking and school absenteeism among 15- to 16-year-old adolescents: a cross-section analysis on 36 European countries.

2.29; 95% CI 2.16-2.43). These findings were consistent across age and sex groups. CONCLUSION: We observed an association between smoking intensity and absenteeism among youth in Europe. This implies that, to the extent that this association is causal, school tobacco control policies may reduce the short-term consequences of smoking on Read more…

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Commentary on Freeman et al. (2019): Why does cannabis potency still vary across European countries?

Simple NCBI Directory Getting Started NCBI Education NCBI Help Manual NCBI Handbook Training & Tutorials Submit Data Resources Chemicals & BioassaysData & SoftwareDNA & RNADomains & StructuresGenes & ExpressionGenetics & MedicineGenomes & MapsHomologyLiteratureProteinsSequence AnalysisTaxonomyVariation Popular PubMed Bookshelf PubMed Central BLAST Nucleotide Genome SNP Gene Protein PubChem Featured Genetic Testing Registry Read more…

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The Experience of the Treatment Demand Indicator in Europe: A Common Monitoring Tool Across 30 Countries.

. L’TDI a pour but de fournir aux professionnels et aux chercheurs une méthodologie commune à l’ensemble des pays européens pour collecter et rapporter les principales données à propos des consommateurs de drogues fréquentant les traitements. Cet article traite de l’implantation du TDI dans les pays européens et décrit les Read more…

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