Understanding Public Attitudes Toward Cannabis Legalization: Qualitative Findings From a Statewide Survey.

 2,608) in Michigan completed an online survey about marijuana legalization (August and September 2016). Participants indicated whether they supported, opposed, or were unsure about marijuana legalization, and were then prompted to complete an open-ended response explaining the main reasons for their view. Thematic analysis was then used to code the Read more…

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Toward more efficient diagnostic criteria sets and rules: The use of optimization approaches in addiction science.

mail.missouri.edu.2Department of Psychological Science, University of Missouri, United States.3Department of Psychological Science, University of Pittsburg, United States.Abstract Psychiatric diagnostic systems, such as The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), use expert consensus to determine diagnostic criteria sets and rules (DCSRs), rather than exploiting empirical techniques to Read more…

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Attitudes toward and knowledge of medical cannabis among individuals with spinal cord injury.

 353) of people with SCI. To determine if knowledge and attitudes are influenced by socio-demographic and injury-specific factors. Setting: Three academic medical centers in the US. Methods: Distribution of an online survey through email lists maintained by 3 SCI centers. Results: Participants largely believed that cannabis use is safe, has Read more…

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